Coffee and Grace
2017 Photo Diary - Feb. 15-28

Farewell, February


Today Dad would have been 85 years old.



I can't flip the calendar over to March without thanking God for this extra-special man who was born to poor tenant farmers in a small house in rural Indiana...



...who would grow up into the strong, handsome, take-on-the-world man who I knew as Daddy.



I miss him every single day, but I know he's Home and reveling in his eternal reward.



But I still miss him.

Every. Single. Day.



Rainbows always make me think of Dad. He loved spotting them and sharing them with us.

February rainbows are rare in Indiana, but a sweet reminder of my Daddy as we prepare to move into March and its promises of spring.

Farewell, February.




Donna Cronk

So sweet.

Terri Chapman

I absolutely love that sweet picture of you and your Dad!!!---precious memories... I am sure he is smiling down on you today.

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