Doing the Gramaw Thing
Farewell, February

Coffee and Grace


This is my cutie-pie little friend Grace, the 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter of one of my best friends Brenda.



In recent years, Brenda has become one of those "snowbirds" who fly south for the winter. But she's home for a too-brief couple of weeks, and we got to have coffee last week...


Coffee-1 our local diner, The Iron Kettle.



My other bestest friend Peggy picked up my camera while I was in the ladies' room (too much coffee will do that to ya!) and snapped some of these photos while I was MIA...a nice surprise on my camera! Unfortunately, Peggy does not appear in any of these photos...I should've snatched the camera back from her sooner....



Daily Special, anyone???



Grace is a little beauty...and sweet as they come, with a little dash of orneriness to keep life exciting!



Her beauty is in the family genes, for sure...  Grandma Brenda is always looking gorgeous!



Having a little talk with Grace about how she is GOING to COOPERATE in a future photo session I'm already planning in my head.

When it's been a long, dreary winter and I need a pick-me-up, there's no better medicine than...


Coffee-11 and Grace!





You were there on a Tuesday :) love one of your favorite waitress.. miss you all!!

Paula Chapman

A grandma and her granddaughter such a sweet relationship! I know how special my grandmas were to me! This is a great article! :)

Terri Chapman

Someone looks like her Grandma :) So sweet...

Cindy Turner

I have been one of Brenda's "old" friends since third grade. Thank you this enchanting post about your friendship and coffee with Grace. It brought back memories of Brenda and I as little girls going to our local "ice cream" shop to see her mama Lillian and friends meeting around their cups of coffee. Cherished friendships for all of us. Cindy

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