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Prelude to Christmas


Christmas in our family lasts more than one day...we somehow seem to manage to stretch it out over most of a week. And I love that about it!


And of course, in true Terry-form, I did half of my wrapping the two or three days before Christmas. I LOVE gift-wrapping...and I like to carve out most of a day to do just that, to put on some Christmas music and really savor that time. And it gets me so excited for the children to open up their gifts...I can hardly wait to see their reactions!

Kim, bless his sweet bones, helped me frame 14 photographic prints from our Botswana safari to give as gifts to our family...a task that took longer than I'd expected. 



Christmas is always extra-fun with some adorable elves around! (This is 2 1/2-year-old Krew.  His 16-month-old sister Juni is in the first photo.)



After a hectic several days leading up to Christmas, our church's Christmas Eve service is always one of my favorites of the year...a time to calm my heart and quiet my mind...




...and remind myself once again of the reason for the season. Celebrating the birth of our Savior!

This ancient nativity has been on display for years and years on our church's altar. Don't look too closely or you will notice Joseph's arm lying in the straw beside him, a victim of many little hands that have marveled and rearranged it over the decades. All those chips and scars make it even more precious to me!  Yes, I'm weird that way...



Singing "Silent Night" in a candlelit circle always gives me chills and fills my eyes with tears.  I can remember years when there were just a handful of us at the service, the circle small enough that it fit inside the middle aisle.  This year we had to have two services, with 200 people attending...in both services (yes, I went to both services...I'm weird that way too...) the circle stretched to the outermost edges of the sanctuary. God continues to bless our little country church!



And He blesses this Gramaw, warming my heart every time I am privileged to worship with my children and grandchildren! My 4 oldest grandchildren on Christmas Eve...Kelsey & Kassie (4 years old), Kaden (6 1/2), and Karter (8 1/2).



Kristoffer led the charge, helped out by Emily and Kim and a few others in the church, to set up and light luminaries through Sulphur Springs on Christmas Eve.



A picture doesn't begin to do it justice, but they were BEAUTIFUL! The weather cooperated...no wind or rain...and the luminaries lit up the dark highway for several hours and I'm sure blessed countless travelers motoring down US 36 in the middle of Indiana.



Our little town has the tallest Christmas tree around!

The only thing that would have made it prettier would have been a fresh coat of white powdery snow, but it didn't happen this year. But it was a beautiful Christmas Eve anyway!



A wonderful...

...prelude to Christmas.




Donna Cronk

Such blessings!

Terri Chapman

Beautiful !! Just love all your d├ęcor :)

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