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Our county is embroiled in a controversy, probably the biggest controversy of this generation, one that is threatening to change our bucolic landscape forever (or at least for the rest of my lifetime) and rip apart friendships along the way.

I know there are at least two sides to every issue, and I'm sure I probably have friends that I love in both camps. Not everyone in my own family necessarily agrees with me. But since this is my blog you'll hear my perspective.

The thought of 500' industrial wind turbines marching across our peaceful countryside sickens me.

I don't have a boatload of scientific or economic arguments, although there are plenty of both to back either side. My repulsion is primarily aesthetic... I think they are ugly monstrosities and I don't want to look at them every day.

I was upset when Farmer JB cut down a dead tree in the middle of the field across from our cabin because I loved the lonely look it had standing tall amongst the flat fields. A dead tree. Yeah, that's how I am. So the thought of huge spinning monsters intruding upon my gorgeous Indiana sunrises makes me sad.

And no, I'm not against change. Some change is beneficial and for the good of the people and community. This change does not fit into either category, as it benefits only a few and hurts the rest of us.

Money, as always, is the motivation. Money for the county and money for the landowners who lease their land to the big wind companies.

I have no problem with people making money and using "their" land (I have to chuckle at that...because the land belongs ultimately to God and secondly to the government...try not paying your property taxes a few times and you'll quickly see WHO has the real control...) as they see fit, but I do have a problem with both when it affects their neighbors negatively. And yes, I'm not against wind energy per se and I do think we need to begin responsibly finding and using viable alternative energy sources. Put up all the solar panels you want, if alternative energy sources is the true goal (which I don't believe it is...).  While I wouldn't want any solar panels on our land, at least they do have a low profile and wouldn't so drastically affect my simple pleasure of sitting on my porch watching the sun set across our fertile fields.

Which is another thing...why waste such fertile farmground, a true blessing God bestowed on this part of the planet? It's beyond my understand how farmers who claim to love the land and are proud to say they feed the world could render so many acres untillable for decades or longer.

Greed is a powerful motivator.

The jury is still out. We shall see what the future verdict brings.

And not that anyone cares what about my opinion, but I do have one.







Terri Chapman

I TOTALLY agree with you girlfriend!!! I DO NOT want them either or their "ugly" face in my way!! Especially as I look to enjoy the beauty God has created for us to enjoy in our countryside each day. I choose to live out here to get away from the city ...tall buildings...tall power poles, etc. UGH :(

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