Celebrating Kaden's Seventh
2017 Photo Diary - January 16-31

Finally...Snow and Sunshine!


What a dreary, ugly, gray January it has been here in central Indiana!

Day after day after day of gloomy skies tend to put me in the gloomies myself. 



What a wonderful relief to wake up yesterday morning to a fresh coat of snow on the ground and BLUE SKIES overhead!


Krw18 (1)

Krew gets very excited when he wakes up to snow...


Krw18 (2)

...and can't wait to get out to shovel it!

When does that desire to shovel snow disappear???  I don't think my Gray men ever had that desire at all...


Krw18 (6)

So Gramaw's happy and Krew's happy...


Krw18 (9)

...to finally have both...



...snow and SUNSHINE!




wilma sstockberger

I was very glad to see sunshine, too! And the snow covers all the ugly sights.
Have not been on here for awhile -good to be back!

Terri Chapman

Beautiful picture of your cabin with the fresh snowfall and that "beautiful blue sky!"

Oh and I love his expression on that precious face :)

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