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I didn't know it was going to snow.


But God's never been one to consult my calendar first, so snow it did yesterday morning...just in time for a slow, slippery drive to Indianapolis for my colonoscopy.

Because after all that yucky prep, it'd take something a lot more monumental than a few inches of snow to cancel my appointment.

I have to admit, I was a tad bit worried.  I know...the Bible tells us we should not worry. Worry has never changed a single thing. But after the shockingly horrible results of my last colonoscopy, it was hard to put my mind at ease.

But THIS time...God has given me an incredible early Christmas present!

My results were completely NORMAL (oh how I love that word!)...despite the weirdness/non-normalness of my new plumbing down there!  My colon is BEAUTIFUL!!!

And yes, colons CAN be BEAUTIFUL!!! And mine is, thank-you-very-much.

So last night, after 2 restless days and nights of fretting and pooping (y'all know how much fun that prep is!) and probably aided by the lingering effects of the sedative I was given, I fell into bed praising God for His healing power and savored a WONDERFUL...

...sleep in Heavenly peace.




Donna Cronk

His grace is sufficient ... and his rest a balm! Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL colon. Normal is beautiful.

Tanya Bennett

Praise God for your normal results and beautiful colon!! What a gift.

Kamaron Gray

Praise God for normal results! Love you

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