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House Homestead


This is the home I grew up in.

My parents bought it back in 1956, the year before I was born.  Mama has lived in this very same house for 60 years now.

I stopped in the middle of the snowy, icy County Line Road this week and snapped this photograph.  The snow that morning was fresh, powdery, and gorgeous, flocking all the trees including The Little Tree (our childhood name for the now-huge, oddly-shaped fir on the right).  As I recall, it was just a tiny sapling when my sister Barb and neighbor boy David rescued it from an adjacent burning field, digging it up before the fire reached it (kids lived dangerously back in those days...) and replanting it in our yard.  None of us thought it would live, and here it is 50 years later...

The old country place may not look like much to some, but to our family it was everything! 

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!"

The House homestead.




Lisa Teeters

Home to our cousins, and friends. A home we loved to visit.

Terri Chapman

Beautiful place...with LOTS of love and memories = "priceless"!!

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