Two Towheads
Interpretation, Please?!

A Pine Forest


My little sidekick Krew went to the Christmas Tree farm with Gramaw yesterday.


When I told him we were going to get Gramaw's Christmas tree, he said, "Don't worry, Gramaw.  I will help you put it together."



I wonder what was going through his sharp and busy little mind when we drove through the country, not to a store...



...but to, as he called it, "a pine forest."

Wouldn't you know it that the type of tree I had my heart set on, a Canaan fir, was only to be found in the farthest corner of the farm. We had to walk about a mile up and down hills and through muddy places to get there.  A precut Scotch pine would've been so much simpler...but have I ever been accused of taking the "simpler" option?!



As soon as he spotted this tractor, we couldn't move on to actually look at Christmas trees until we looked at the tractor. The boy is tractor-crazy!



He picked out this cute little tree...



...but Gramaw opted for one that was a little taller.



Krew was mesmerized watching "the guy" fire up his chainsaw and fell the little fir,...



...and was a little worried when he watched him drive away with our tree.

I thought it'd been nice had "the guy"offered a tired Gramaw and her 2 1/2-year-old grandson to hitch a ride back up the muddy hills, but no such offer...



So we trudged back up the way we came.  Krew found another tractor to climb on near the office.



Such a cutie!



As fascinated as he was by the giant snowman, he was a little leery of it up close...



...and reluctantly stood for a photo.  Keeping a wary eye on the strange creature swaying in the wind...



A fun little outing with my sweet little sidekick to...

...a pine forest.




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