Old School Christmas Charm
A Pine Forest

Two Towheads


If I'd have asked them to sit here together, it would've been like trying to herd cats. 



When Miss Juni (15 months) climbed into the chair looking so cute, I grabbed my camera for a quick shot of my little beauty.



Big brother Krew (2 1/2 years) was sitting in the rocking chair nearby. When he saw me photographing Juni, he wanted in on the action so I turned to take his photo too.



And then, of his own accord (and without the expected protest from Juni), he climbed into the chair beside her.

"Take a picture, Gramaw!"

What else is Gramaw to do but ...TAKE A PICTURE!

A darling shot of...



...two towheads.




Donna Cronk

I think there is a definite resemblance to each of your grandchildren. Look-alike cousins! So sweet.

Terri Chapman

Adorable ...blessed Grandma!!

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