Gramaw's A-Comin'!
One Last Look

Super Moon


Yes, I'm one of THOSE photographers.

Kim shook his head as I headed out last evening into the nearly-dark, cold air...armed with tripod, camera, and longest lens I own.



There was a bit of confusion (at least in my little mind...) exactly when the Super Moon occurred.  Was it Sunday night or Monday night??? (From what I could read, the moon was actually the closest to the earth here where we live on Sunday morning about 8 am, when it was already daylight and the moon wasn't very visible.)



Rain clouds obscured our Sunday night view in South Carolina, where we were visiting Kyler and Kara's family.



But Monday night, back home in Indiana, I decided to give it a try...



God's creation is simply incredible...standing outside in the quiet countryside, looking up at the sky I felt pretty small. But the same God that created those magnificent heavenly bodies also created my not-so-heavenly body, and He loves me!  That's pretty amazing...



God is truly AWESOME!!!

And so was His...

...super moon.




Terri Chapman

Yes it bright outside and the vision of the moon was so clear. It just captivated you and you hate to stop viewing it!

Great pics and thanks again for sharing!

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