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Old School Christmas Charm


Last evening, on my way home through the rainy streets of Middletown, Indiana (aka Nowhere, USA), I just had to pull over and pull out my camera.



The only thing that could make this photo more beautiful is if everything were covered with fresh snow and snowflakes were dancing in the air... But I digress.....


But, except for the vehicles which might give it away, this photo could have been taken 50 years ago (I guess there is the small pesky detail that there was no color photography back then...).  Seeing Middletown's Christmas lights every year takes me back to my childhood, and the way I remember small towns looking back in those days.

Quiet.  Still.  Sleepy.

Back when life was a whole lot simpler.  Not easier.  But simpler.

When Christmas meant a stocking filled with a big apple, oranges, nuts, and a few hard candies.  And Santa would leave us a (SINGULAR!) present that thrilled us to pieces.

Those were magical Christmases. 

And I love Middletown's holiday displays, full of...

...old school Christmas charm.




Lisa Teeters

It was simpler then, wasn't it. And we were so much easier to satisfy. We knew our parents worked hard, so we appreciated that orange and apple and candy. There are a couple of very special Christmases I recall, especially the year dad aquired a pony and her colt, Princess and Suzie Q, and mom laid newspaper on the floor so could lead them into the house on Christmas morning. Princess, it turned out, did not like to be ridden and Suzie Q was never "broken" to ride.

Donna Cronk

Very sweet, Terry.

Terri Chapman

Amen ... I love this simple and beautiful atmosphere every year. The first snow fall upon the evening sky with the Christmas just magical and nostalgic all in one.

Thanks again for sharing your gift!!

Ryan Kilian

My hometown of Oakland City still holds that charm as well.

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