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Gramaw's A-Comin'!


It may be post-Halloween and mid-November, but what an unusual fall we've had...warmer much later than usual.



As I type this, still not yet a killing frost in Indiana. Our porch impatiens look as pretty as they did all summer long...and they are always the first to succumb to the least dip below 32.



Our first freeze of the season is in the weekend forecast, though.  If it does indeed freeze Saturday morning, that'll be the latest freeze we can remember...November 12.



But I won't be here to see it...



...because Kim and I are headed to Carolina for a long weekend to visit our son Kyler, our daughter-in-law Kara, and our two precious grandbabies Abram (2 1/2) and Lucy (7 months).



We haven't seen them in person (FaceTime calls don't really count....) since September 1, right before we left for Botswana. While we were gone, they moved into their new home in South Carolina and we haven't seen them since.

Ten weeks is WAY TOO LONG to be away from my grandbabies!  Oh yeah...and Kyler and Kara too!



So this morning we're off for a long-awaited reunion!  Complete with camera gear, of prepared for a bombardment of Abram/Lucy photos next week!



I can't hardly wait to smooch those sweet little faces and necks!

See you soon, my lil darlins!!!

Gramaw's a-comin'!




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