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Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Baby-Moving Day


How do you move 23 infants (plus all their cribs, clothes, toys, and equipment) from the only home they've ever known into their new home 10 miles away, trying not to disrupt their feeding and napping schedules, without creating a huge crying mess?!

With LOTS of prayer!!!  And plenty of planning and help.



After a very late night of frantically finishing details at the Center, Moving Day was here!  Dave and Jen had made arrangements for a few other people to bring their vehicles and help. Which was a very good thing since a couple of vehicles decided not start that morning, throwing a huge monkey wrench into the morning and causing Dave to scrap Plan A and hastily put together a Plan B. 



Dave, Kim, and I got up very early and drove into Kitengela to the old rescue center, strategically arriving right after the youngest babies were waking up, to begin moving the furniture.



All the babies' bedclothes were labeled with their names and stuck in individual bags...



...and then Kim and I broke all 23 of them down and packed them to be moved.



While we were doing that, a couple of Dave's workers moved the furniture outside...



Kim stayed there to help them...



...while I rode with Dave through the side streets of Kitengela (apparently this is a quicker route...) ...



,,,to the quiet, peaceful new property that would soon be the new home to 23 babies.



Catherine and I worked with Jen to put all the babies' beds back together in their new rooms.  We had them all finished...



...when the babies began to arrive in vanloads!

This gal is Robyn, a nurse from Indiana who's been serving in Kenya for 30+ years. She is MpM's number one go-to medical person and such a fun friend to the Bells!



Eloyse with a couple of her younger charges...



And, as we all know, the STUFF!!!  Babies do not move or travel lightly...



The men (that's Kim in the middle) worked extra hard that day, loading and carrying all of that furniture.



Very quickly the quiet new infant rescue center was filled with the sounds of baby life!



Just in time for feeding time...



...which is always, as you can imagine, quite a busy and chaotic time. Babies do not always wait patiently for their turns...



Jen was the master coordinator, directing everyone where things should go.




Catherine and I spent the better part of the rest of the day sorting through bags and bags and bags of baby clothes, organizing them by size and gender. Quite a big task!



Kim worked on a few odd jobs that didn't get done before the move. Here he's in the kitchen, trying to stay our of Eloyse's way (I know how good he is at that!)...



By the end of naptime, everything was organized.  Well, not EVERYTHING...but it was definitely livable!  

This is the infant dayroom...



...and the toddler dayroom.



By the end of the day, we were ALL tuckered out!  But feeling very happy to have accomplished the long-awaited and much-anticipated... day.




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