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Happy Halloween!

Papaw's 61


Three-fourths of our children and grandchildren celebrated Kim's 61st birthday with us on Saturday. (We missed our South Carolina peeps!)


Papaw had plenty of help blowing out the candles and eating his spice cake (with LOTS of penuche icing!)...  Kelsey (4), Kaden (6 1/2), Krew (2 1/2), Juni (14 months), Karter (8), and Kassie (4).



Emily (with Zach in the background) brought after-dinner entertainment in the form of a puzzle-solving game that she wanted to try out on us before giving to her high school students.



Three generations of Gray men were all about figuring out the clues...



...that would unlock the 4 locks on the treasure chest.

Yes, they did succeed!  (If they hadn't, we'd still be working on it...)



Kristoffer was sporting one of his birthday presents from a couple of weeks ago...a piece of Trump memorabilia.



But mostly the evening was about a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather!

Papaw's 61.




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