Off to Botswana!
High Thoughts

Out of Africa


We are HOME!!! 

And still recovering from the time difference (7 hours)/jet lag/unpacking blues/catch-up duties...not to mention sorting through the 8000 photos that I took during the 3 weeks we were gone.


Just a couple of photos to whet your whistle...



Yes, I took this photo from the open seat of our safari Land Rover.

Yes, she was THIS CLOSE!!!  Too close for my camera lens to capture all of her.

Yes, I was afraid to move...and our safari guide, in the driver's seat of the Rover, kept cautioning me not to.

One tiny leap and this killing machine would have easily been in my lap.  The only thing going for me is that her tummy was full...


Lion-1 she and the other 3 lions with her had gorged themselves on dead elephant (not in photo, but believe me we could see it and SMELL it!) meat.

Yes, he was this close.  All 4 lions (2 males and 2 females) were THIS CLOSE!!!  We could hear them breathe and even smell them...

We had LOTS of very close encounters with big, powerful wild animals in Botswana.  (More stories to come...)



Be patient with me...I'm working on sorting and organizing... But over the next few weeks, I'm excited to have the chance to relive the incredible experience and share with you OODLES of photos and stories and unforgettable memories...

...out of Africa.




Donna Cronk

Wow, Terry. These are amazing pictures -- and they were taken THIS CLOSE! Exciting.

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