Bittersweet Relocation
Out of Africa

Off to Botswana!

BotswanamapAfter two years of planning, including 2 highly-disappointing cancelled African trips due to my cancer treatments last year, in a few hours Kim and I are FINALLY boarding our airplane for a dream 10-day safari in Botswana, followed by a week visiting our missionary friends in Kenya.

In case you don't know where Botswana is (no shaming here...I'm terribly geographically-challenged...I only know because I've dreamed of going here for so long!), it's the country just above South Africa on the globe.



We will be flying to Atlanta and then have a 15 1/2-hour direct flight from Atlanta into Johannesburg, South Africa, arriving there in the early evening (South Africa is 6 hours ahead of Indiana time, so our 6 pm. arrival translates into noon on Sunday, Indiana time).  Yes, that's a LONG flight...but so thankful it is direct!

After spending the night in a hotel adjacent to the airport, we'll leave Monday morning for a flight to Maun, Botswana (which is not shown on this map, but is about where the "M" of "Makgadikgadi N.P." is) and then get on a tiny little plane which will take us to the first of our three safari camps, way up in the northern edge of Botswana near Savuti along the Linyati River (which connects with the Zambezi).

We'll spend 3 nights near Savuti, load up again on another tiny plane for 4 nights in the Okavango Delta, and then fly again to the Makgadikgadi (I need lots of practice spelling THAT word!) Pans on the edge of the Kalahari Desert for 2 nights.

Yes, we'll be staying in canvas tents.  No, these are NOT the canvas camping tents you might think of.  These are luxury tents, complete with our own portable bathroom!  I don't do camping...especiallly in the wilds of Africa!

After our Botswana safari ends, we'll be flying back to Johannesburg, spending another night, then catching a plane to Nairobi, Kenya where our friend Dave will meet us at the airport (he better not forget!) and drive us to their property where we'll stay another week, fitting in a couple of days safari at Tsavo West.

A BIG trip!!!  And we're SO EXCITED!!!

As it turns out, Kyler and Kara are temporarily "homeless," so they will be moving into our empty cabin and staying here until they are clear to make their move to South Carolina.  It's great for both of us...we've got someone to watch over our place while we're gone and they've got a place to live.

We'll be returning home on September 23, and you can betcha I'll have THOUSANDS of photos to sort through and plenty to share with you on this blog beginning September 26.  Make sure you check back can relive our safari with me from the comfort of your own home!

Just tying up a lot of loose ends before we leave for 3 weeks, and then we're... to Botswana!




Donna Cronk

What an adventure, Terry! Will look forward to the stories and photos.

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