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I LOVE to fly!!!

Ever since my first airplane flight way back in my college days, I've been fascinated and mesmerized by soaring through the air miles above the world below.


I know for lots of people, flying is a pain...a necessary evil to get from one place to another.  But for me, it's one of the fun parts of the journey!

Give me a window seat, a blanket, and a good book and I'm one happy traveler.

It gives me time to think, and wonder, and reflect on my life and God.  A guilt-free time of doing nothing except just BEING with my thoughts high above the earth.

Over the 21 days we were gone, we traveled on 13 different flights through 10 different airports (let me tell you...not all airports are created equal, as you will see in upcoming posts...) in 5 different countries, logging about 22,000 miles in about 60 hours in the air.

That's a LOT of flying...and a lot of time for THINKING...



I marvel that a huge heavy machine can even get off the ground, let alone soar above the clouds...and the brilliant creativity and imagination that the Wright brothers must have had to make their dream of flying a reality.

I wonder what Orville and Wilbur would think if they rode in the comfort of a modern-day Airbus...

I've read several books about Charles Lindbergh and his fascination with flying.  I love stories about bush pilots who reach people in parts of the world that are unreachable any other way.

Fascinating stuff to me.



I think a lot about the billions of people in those houses below me, struggling through life the best they know how.  I love seeing how different folks around the world live, but realizing that we all share the same hopes and dreams and human struggles.  We're much more alike than we are different.

And I am constantly wowed at the fact that God knows EACH AND EVERY ONE in EACH AND EVERY home and their unique, personal situations.  Mind-boggling!!!  And, whether they know or love Him, He LOVES THEM and yearns for them.

Wow!!!  Hard to even wrap my mind around that!



I enjoy airports (this is Johannesburg, South Africa's version)...people-watching and listening to all the different languages from people converging from all parts of the world.

Human beings are definitely the most fascinating creatures God created!



I so love the God's eye view of creation...the different landscapes and life He put on this earth.




Nope, we're defnitely not in Kansas anymore...



On our way home, flying from Paris, our pilot came on the speaker and told us to look out our windows and see a gorgeous sight that few people on earth ever experience.  

Sunrise over the tip of Greenland.  The first rays of the sun reflecting off the snow-covered mountains and glaciers below.

Don't you just LOVE a pilot like that?!  One who sees and appreciates the incredible beauty of God's creation and wants to share that joy with others.

A pilot who, like me, is exhilarated by flying and also has his own...

...high thoughts.




Terri Chapman

Awesome - thanks for sharing

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