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Amazing at Eighty


Yesterday Kim and his three siblings gathered together at sister Pam's house to celebrate their dad Kenny's 80th birthday.



Let me just say that my father-in-law is nothing short of remarkable.

When Kim's mom was diagnosed with ALS in 2005, Kenny stepped up to the plate mightily and cared for his beloved wife of 52 years at home until her death in 2007.  He is the definition of a dedicated husband, and I was so proud of him during those horrible years.  When she passed away in February 2007, he was holding her in his arms on the couch reading her the Bible.

Yes, he's remarkable.

After retiring from Perfect Circle years ago, he started working for the State of Indiana in the Department of Natural Resources.

At 80 years old, he can still work circles around most men half his age.  The man never sits down.

He tells us he's THINKING ABOUT retiring, maybe next year.  



I am so very blessed to have him for my father-in-law!

Amazing at eighty.





Quite a guy, for sure!

Donna Cronk

Remarkable, indeed!

Terri Chapman

Very blessed ... Happy 80th Kenny!!

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