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A Corny Welcome Home


We're HOME! 

And, as I knew and dreaded all the way home, THIS is what awaited us...17 bushels of sweet corn that needed to be picked and frozen!



Not that I don't love fresh Indiana sweet corn (Kim grows the very best in the world!) to eat, it's just not how I would choose to spend my first day home from vacation.



But when it's ready, it's ready.  So yesterday we husked our way through 17 bushels of picked corn...



...which became 5 bushels of husked raw corn...



...which, after many hours and who-knows-how-many gallons of water, ended up as...



...well over 100 bags of frozen cream-style corn.

Which will be absolutely DELICIOUS when the snow is flying in a few months!

And yes, there's a patch of late corn that has yet to ripen...corn is in our foreseeable future...

We came back from vacation to...

...a corny welcome home.




Donna Cronk

Yellow gold!


Yep, we did corn yesterday too. Not as many as you, though! Big job!!

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