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Twin Beauties



Just time for a quickie post this morning...and thought I'd share the most recent photos of my beautiful little twin daughters.


Kelsey (left) and Kassie are 3 1/2 years old and at such a delightful age!  Each of them have very distinct personalities and are charmers in their own right.

Kelsey is adventurous and a little tomboy, her arms and legs always covered with boo-boos. She plays hard and lives life with gusto! Kelsey is also a very good helper and wants to be in the middle of whatever action is happening at the moment. Kelsey definitely has a mind of her own, and pretty much ignores Kassie's instructions most of the time.

Kassie is more girly-girly, although she isn't afraid to get dirty. She's dramatic and loves to dance and perform in front of others. She still has a few little phobias and has to be urged to try new things, but she's come a long way. Kassie can be a little bossy at times (Papaw says she's much like her Gramaw in that regard), but it's a sweet sort of bossiness! I call it "leadership skills"!  :)

Both girls are super-smart (in my humble grandma opinion!) and big talkers. Between the two, nothing gets past them! And while often they each tend to do their own thing, they do enjoy playing together and certainly keep tabs on one another.



They sure have brought us all a lot of joy these past 3 1/2 years!

Love, love, LOVE our little...

...twin beauties!




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