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Ferns Unfurling

Muggin' with the Momma


I LOVE my kiddos!

And how blessed I was that I got to spend Mother's Day with 3 of them!



They're all grown up these days!

Kristoffer is 33 (YIKES!), Emily 31, and Kamaron 29.

We were missing my youngest, Kyler, who with a 3-week-old baby decided not to try the long drive up from Cincinnati.



They wanted me to do the "dab"...but since I'm not a Cam Newton fan, we opted for this instead.  Whatever it's called or whatever it means (maybe I don't want to know...)...

Love my crazy peeps!

...muggin' with the momma!




Terri Chapman

Lookin so pretty Terry !! Glad you had a "fun" day :)

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