Lovin' on Lucy

Mama's New Ride


Purdy little thing, ain't she?

And the vehicle ain't bad either!


Mama's old car had been acting up for awhile, the latest being a very sluggish starter.  She'd talked with my sister Barb and me about wanting to get another car soon, and since the three of us are hitting the road for a trip to North Carolina in 10 days, we decided sooner was better than later so we'd have it to drive south.

While a nice, low-mileage used car would've fit the bill just fine, Mama really had her heart set on a new vehicle. 

The only new vehicle she's ever had was the brand-spankin'-new Chevrolet light green station wagon that Dad bought before our family trip to California in 1965. And even that time, Mama didn't get to pick it out.  Dad was in charge of all things car-related, so even though Mama had some say-so in the matter we all knew it was really Dad's decision.  That's how things were back in those days.

Every car they owned after that was used.  Or, as the dealers like to say, "pre-owned."

Mama wanted, for once in her life, to pick out a new vehicle all by herself.

And, at 80 years old with enough money in the bank, what our Mama wants, our Mama gets.  She deserves it!



So two weeks ago I went with Mama to her favorite Buick dealership.  She told them she wanted a silver Encore, which they just happened to have and which just happened to have nearly every bell and whistle available on it.  She drove it, fell in love before she even left the parking lot, and later that day was the proud owner of her very own brand-spankin'-new 2016 Buick Encore.



Bye-bye, old Buick!  You served them well  for 10 years...



She was like a little girl on Christmas morning!  So fun to see her so excited, and I know Dad would be thrilled to know he'd left her financially secure and able to buy it.

It'll make our trip to North Carolina even more of an adventure!  We'll be making lots of memories in...

...Mama's new ride.




wilma stockberger

Hey, I am looking, too! But we have had so many little things fixed I may change my mind. Happy for you ,Lois,don't know what we'd do without daughters - at least one!

Terri Chapman

How awesome ...I am SO happy for her and "yes" she does deserve it!!! Making new memories for her will be so good. Love you all....
Lois, you look amazing...as they say, "you go girl" !

Donna Cronk

You girls have a wonderful time together. The memories from this trip are already being made!

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