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Pinks and Purples

Hail to the Queen!


No, not THAT queen...although, in my humble opinion, she certainly can be worthy, on her best days...



THIS queen!



Can you find her???

She's not easy to spot most of the time.  She's in the middle of the photo, just a tad bit below the center line. The one with the longer, brown abdomen...she's an egg-laying machine!

Surrounded by her loyal subjects, who tend to her every need.



It's been a challenging couple of years in the Gray apiary.  

We ended last fall with 3 strong, healthy hives which made it through the winter.

In February and March, despite my feeding efforts, 2 of them died, leaving us with one.

I ordered 2 packages of bees, which I used to start 2 new hives last month.

For whatever reason, 1 of them left (we suspect they joined the other package in the one hive) and the other ended up with a non-laying queen.  And with no laying queen, the hive was doomed.

So this morning, I visited my second-favorite bee-man (Kimmie is my favorite, of course!), who fixed me up with a new queen for the queenless hive and another starter hive.

Now we're back up to 3.

Never a dull moment around this place....



In a honeybee colony, as in real life, it's all about the woman of the house...

...hail to the Queen!




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