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Ferns Unfurling


On the north side of our cabin are some ferns that were started years and years ago from Kim's grandma's patch of ferns.



Ferns are one of my very favorite plants.  They just seems so ancient...I can imagine that the Garden of Eden was filled with them.



I've seen them in abundance in rainforests.

That's probably why they're doing so well this spring...I feel like I'm living in a rainforest.  I took these photos on a rare moment when the sun decided to shine.



The top of the fern is called the fiddlehead.  


Fern-4  Fiddlehead
google image


You can see why...



Such a lovely color of spring green, so intricately made...



...beautiful ferns unfurling.




Terri Chapman

Beautiful -- I just love your photography and the knowledge you provide. Just love your page everyday !!

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