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With Love, From Kenya


As I sit here typing this, I'm savoring a delicious cup of coffee (out of my favorite Karter-crafted cup) straight from Kenya.



Lest you think Emily and Zach only brought me the packet of brown sugar, I thought I'd share the other items they gifted us with from their African trip.

Knowing how I adore my fresh-ground coffee, they brought back a bag of Kenyan coffee beans for my morning enjoyment, as well as some Kenyan tea for my afternoon refreshment.

I haven't yet tried the tea, but I can tell you that the coffee is MAGNIFICO!!!



And, to rest my coffee and tea mugs on between sips, some gorgeous carved coasters.

Gazelle, rhinos, lion, giraffes, and a resting Maasai warrior...very cool!

Bartered for and packed and carried 8000 miles, brought to us from the other side of the world.  Thanks so much for remembering us, Emily and Zach!

With love, from Kenya.




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