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Joy and Delight


Krew and Juni...they bring this Gramaw such joy and delight!



Watching two-year-old Krew is like turning back the hands of time and watching his daddy Kamaron at that age.

He doesn't really look a lot like Kamaron did (besides the white-blond hair and blue eyes), but his expressions and mannerisms and behavior are much the same.



Most of the time, he likes for Gramaw to take his photo and he's very cooperative.



I told him to go stand by his sister Juni so I could take their photo together.  

And he did...not exactly the pose I had in mind, but he did as I asked and I wasn't about to push the subject....

Isn't this just the cutest photo???  Totally Krew....



I just adore this little fella, and his personality comes out more and more every time I see him.  He's talking lots now, although not everything he says is understandable...but he seems to get his point across!  And he's sturdy and strong (both physically and strong-willed...), but just so much fun to be around.  A real joy to Gramaw!



When Kamaron and Anique got married, we just knew they'd have some beautiful children together.  And we were right! 

Juni, now 7 months old, is (in my totally unbiased opinion) a real beauty already!



Such a happy, smiley baby...even when she's cutting teeth and not feeling the best!



She's always been strong and sturdy too, and she loves to sit up by herself so she can use both hands to grab and chew on everything in sight.



It won't be too long before this little delight is crawling!

Soon after I took this photo, she scooted herself backward until her chubby little legs were caught under the desk and she was stuck.



Baby Girl is going to be an athlete in her own right...Mommy and Daddy are both athletes.

Juni knew she wasn't "supposed to have" this ball and was relishing her few moments with it before Krew came in and snatched it away.  She doesn't usually care much right now, but there will come a day when she won't turn things over to him so easily.



Sometimes it's almost more sweetness than this Gramaw's heart hold!  My cup overflows with... and delight!




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