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It Wasn't a "Good" Friday...


Today we commemorate (I started to type "celebrate," but it's hardly a celebration in the truest sense of the word...) that day nearly 2000 years ago when Jesus willingly gave up His life to save all of mankind from our sins, once for all...  


...suffering through unimaginable pain and humiliation because He loves us.

He. Loves. US!

And because He loves us so much, He doesn't force Himself upon us...we are free to choose whether to accept His sacrifice or not.  I can't begin to imagine why anyone would NOT accept it and the attendant promises of eternal life in Heaven way beyond our brief time on this earth.  But there are those who don't.

I pray for them, especially fervently this Easter season.  

My desire mirrors His...that none, not one, would be lost.



Sunday is the best holiday of the entire year, EASTER, when our crucified Savior conquered death once for all.  THAT is the true CELEBRATION!

'Cause without the hope and promise of Resurrection Sunday,...

...it certainly wasn't a "Good" Friday.






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