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Igloo House


Have you ever had the urge to knock on the door of a random stranger's house and ask to look inside?


I have, many times, and whenever I mention it to Kim he just cringes.  

He cringes because he knows very well that someday I just might!

Sometimes I like to go the backroads home from Mama's house, and this "igloo" house is just a little bit north of the church where I grew up and got married.  It's been a fixture on the farm landscape ever since I can remember, strangely out-of-place in the middle of soybean and corn fields.

I wonder what the original owners were thinking when they built this home.  Did they want something cutting-edge?  Something unusual?  More energy-efficient (were people even thinking in those terms back in the 1950s?...) Were they obsessive Star Trek or My Favorite Martian fans? Or did they just want to honk off their conservative, traditional neighbors?



Whatever their reasons, 60 years later their innovative home design still catches eyes and turns my head every time I drive by it.

And one of these days, when I'm feeling a little reckless and brave, I may just pull in the driveway and knock on the door of the...

...igloo house.




Terri Chapman

Love it and you !!

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