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Brown Sugar


My daughter Emily went all the way to Kenya...and brought her mama back THIS as a souvenir.

A packet of brown sugar from the Serena Safari Lodge in Tsavo National Park in Kenya.


But, of course, there's a very good reason why she brought it to me.

I told her to be sure and get lots of brown sugar while she was staying with the Bell family.



Ethan and Selah are the young children of Dave and Jen, adopted while they have been in Kenya.  When we first met these two cuties, "Aunt Terry" (what they call me) loved to smooch the back of their necks and steal some of their "sugar."

It's kind of become a thing with us since then.  Whenever they see Aunt Terry, they turn around and let me kiss their necks for some sweet sugar.

Brown sugar.

Tastes just as sweet and delicious as the white sugar I'm accustomed to!

So when Emily told them who she was and that Aunt Terry wanted Emily to get some sugar for her while they were visiting, Ethan and Selah obliged.

Then just before they left, Ethan gave Emily this brown sugar packet from Serena Lodge where they were all staying for their safari, and told her to take it home to Aunt Terry.



I'm thinking Dave or one of the other mission team members may have put him up to it.

Either way, I guess this poor substitute will have to last me until September, when we'll be going to Africa and I can get the REAL...

...brown sugar.




Jessica Larson

That was a very funny moment! I believe it was Mr. York that put him up to it but Ethan played the part well! Great Memories! Hope you don't mind but I got some of that sugar too! :-)

Donna Cronk

So very sweet, Terry! Just like you are!

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