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Sister Love


What would I ever do without my sisters?!


This photo was taken last Wednesday, when I was in recuperation mode at the cabin.  That's me (looking oh-so-haggard!) on the left, Maria, and Barbara.

Maria lives in Florida.  As soon as she found out the date of my surgery, she made arrangements to take off of her work as a physical therapist and fly up here to help take care of me for a few days.  As it turned out, her flights were cancelled and rescheduled several times as this was right in the midst of a big winter storm which closed down lots of things, including the airport at Charlotte where she was making her connecting flight.  Leaving out lots of frustrating details, she ended up in Indianapolis about 1:30 am on Monday, slept on the airport couches until morning, then rented a car to come here.  That is LOVE!!!  She could've easily canceled or rescheduled her trip, but she REALLY wanted to come see me when I needed it most.

There's nothing like it.

Sister love.

Barb lives in Bloomington, Indiana...about a 2-hour drive away.  She comes up to see Mama every week and most times I get to see her for a couple of hours then. Barb, bless her sweet heart, also took a few days off from her job as a physical therapy assistant (we have lots of physical therapist-people in our family) and stayed with Mama for a few days during the week of my surgery, bringing her to the hospital for the long surgery day.  She visited me in the hospital, and then last week she came with Mama to the cabin to see how I was doing.  

There's nothing like it.

Sister love.


House Girls 1967

Barbara and Maria were my playmates growing up.  Living out on the County Line, we three made our own fun together...our brother didn't come along until I was 10 years old.  So many wonderful memories we share and laugh about after all these years!

They were my very first friends, and still my very best friends.



We have a very special bond.

There's just nothing else like it.

Sister love.




Donna Cronk

This is so lovely! You three are blessed to have one another.

Terri Chapman

So sweet ...you are right, nothing like the love of a sister and family !! You are very blessed :)

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