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I realized yesterday that I somehow or other, even though I shouted it from the housetops all last week, neglected to share with you my incredible, miraculous news...




All glory, praise, and honor goes to God, my Great Physician!!!

He alone gifted the doctors, surgeon, and medical staff with the knowledge, medicines, and skills needed to heal me.  They were His hands...guided by HIS hands...all the way.

I stand in absolute AWE of the amazing God, the One who holds the entire universe in His hand, who loves and intervenes for little ole me.

When I was told last May 21 that I had stage 3 rectal cancer, I could only dream that this day would one day happen.  That I would sit in the doctor's office and be told I was free of cancer and to go out and enjoy my life.  When it actually happened last week, it was surreal and almost too good to believe.  But it's TRUE!!!

All these months I, along with countless friends and family and even some folks I don't know, have prayed fervently that God would heal me.  Let me just say...God is good, always, no matter what.  He has the perfect plan for each of us and His world.  He hears every prayer we pray and always answers in the way that is ultimately best, but sometimes it doesn't jive with what we want.  I'm well aware that many times our prayers are not answered in the way we hope.  

But in this case, God DID answer our prayers exactly as I had hoped!!!  Praise be to Him for His compassion and tenderness toward me!

I am a survivor.

And my life will never be the same.  

While I would never, ever, EVER have chosen this journey I am close to concluding, it has made me a better person in many ways.  God used it to teach me many lessons, one of which is to truly LIVE every single day and not take life for granted.



And, believe you me, that's EXACTLY what I plan to do.


God has given me more time on this earth to LIVE for Him...apparently He's got more kingdom work for me to do.


...I'm CANCER-FREE!!!!!




Terri Chapman

AMEN!!!! He is so good.....

Donna Cronk

Oh, Terry, this is just beautiful. I guess I missed it or maybe you didn't say that it was stage 3 last year. PRAISE GOD! What a testimony! You will be sharing this testimony now and forevermore ... it is beautiful.

He reigns!

Debbie H

I'm so happy for you and your family! I know you will continue to live your life as a testimony to the One who saved you because He still has a plan for your life! Celebrate!!! Much love to you!


Thanks for sharing, Mom! Wonderful testimony :-)

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