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Kaden's Six!

Still Gramaw


I am still among the living.

One week ago at this time, I was "under the knife," getting a cancerous tumor and its remains cut out of my bowels.


I'll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that I came through the surgery with flying colors, and after a 5-day stay at the hospital I came home Friday afternoon and am recuperating in the cabin by the fireplace, feeling better and stronger every day.

But the day before Surgery Day, all my children and grandchildren showed up at the cabin for a grand send-off.  

I was feeling the LOVE of my four children and their spouses, and of course...the grandbabies!



Of course, very young children (like my 21-month-old grandson Abram) have no idea of the seriousness of the next few days for their grandma.



Juni (5 months) and Kassie (3 years) only understand that it's cousin/fun-time!



Kaden (almost 6!)...



...and Karter (7 1/2) understand a lot more, but they're still little boys with better things to think about.

And that's exactly how I'd like to keep it!



Kelsey (3 years) was so sweet when they came to the hospital to visit me after the surgery.

The girls were both a little scared (understandably!) of this woman who kinda looked like their grandma, but was laying in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of her.  I explained as best I could what was going on, that I didn't look "normal" but I was still Gramaw.



After I came home, Dana brought the children over for a visit after school.  I still looked old and haggard, but at least I was in my own clothes with no tubes (except, of course, the "lovely" ileostomy bag I brought home with me...temporarily, thank goodness!).  

When I reached out my arms for a hug, Kelsey came over to me right away and said, "But you're still Gramaw."

Yes, forever and always, I'm...

...still Gramaw!


(I'll be taking this week off to recover from my ordeal, then back to blogging and normal life next week!  Catch you then....  And thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers during this trying season.  God has blessed me immensely in this journey!!!)




Jenni Becker

That couch full of love is the best medicine anyone could ask for. So happy you are doing well and prayers continue. Take care my friend. Jenni


So thankful the surgery went well and you are healing every day.
Such a precious picture of you and your grands.
Thinking of you....

Donna Cronk

"But you're still Gramaw..."
Made me cry!
You are indeed, Terry.
Welcome home, my friend.

Will continue my prayers for you to heal and get stronger everyday!!

Love you, Terri

Debbie H

And what a blessed gramaw you are! Glad you are doing so well. You have been and continue to be in my prayers! Love ya, Terry!

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