I Am Thankful...
Breakfast Buddies

Three Baby Sisters


My baby sister, Maria, flew up from Florida with her daughter Seanna (baby sister to her brother Wyatt, who stayed behind to play football) to spend Thanksgiving week with us.

They came to the cabin earlier that week to visit and meet Krew and his baby sister Juni.


And, of course, to see me!



I love my Maria and wish she didn't live so far away.  We always laugh a lot when we're together!



Maria and Seanna had stopped at Rural King to buy a couple of flags and a cross decoration for Dad's grave.  

Krew LOVED the flag!  I mean LOVED it as in he would not let go of it!  I found out later that when Krew's family goes on walks in their neighborhood, they always point out the American flags.  Don't tell the little guy...he's getting a couple of his very own flags for Christmas!  I love how toddlers are thrilled with the simplest things...



He loved the flag so much, he took it to bed with him at naptime (that's his sweet little self under his teddy bear) and I had to sneak in and snatch it away while he was sleeping.



Juni thoroughly enjoyed all the undivided attention she got.



Bonding time for...

...three baby sisters.




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