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Technology Upgrades are Never Easy


The Saturday before Thanksgiving, our 15-year-old TV (which was state-of-the-art when we bought it) developed neon purple and green lines across the top.

Everyone knows you HAVE to have a TV for Thanksgiving,...


Newtv-6 that Sunday after church we took our electronics expert son Kristoffer with us (we've discovered that our grown children really do come in handy in situations like this!) and bought a brand new Samsung 55" 4K (whatever that means) curved screen TV, soundbar (whatever that is), and stand.



Three guesses...and the first two don't count...which of those items took the longest to prepare/install.  Yep, the stand!

None of my Gray men are carpenters, but Kristoffer comes the closest as he did spend a couple of summers working for a local builder.  Plus, he's got a positive attitude and keeps Kim from getting too frustrated and actually makes him READ and FOLLOW the instructions.



You would think that after a 2-hour construction session that we'd have it made.

You'd be wrong.

Kim insisted that he had measured the opening in our TV shelving unit, which we had custom-built from oak  in 1999 shortly after we moved into our new house before the cabin.  49" wide (knowing how my husband measures, I did remeasure this myself) and 56" high (I made the mistake of not double-checking this, thinking it would not be an issue at all).

I was wrong.




If you compare these two photos, you will see that the bottom one has one less shelf.

That is because my dear husband measured wrong.  The opening was actually 52" and we needed 55" of height.  So the bottom shelf had to go.

Of course, while nearly all the other shelves are adjustable and removable, this one was permanent and stabilized the entire structure.  It wasn't going to come out easily.  The man who built the unit is a very skilled craftsman and had sunk square-top screws into the wood to fasten it together.  Kristoffer had every size of square-shaped bits in his toolbox except the one he needed.  

At this point I was pretty aggravated with Kim and near tears as our cabin was strewn with boxes and wood and mess and the end was nowhere in sight.

So I took a look at the situation.  

And then, I pulled out my hammer.  The one I keep in my kitchen drawer for crises such as this.

If I've learned anything from being married to a Gray man for 35 years, it is that if something isn't working you take a hammer to it.

And that's just what I did.  As my perfectionist son Kristoffer looked on in horror,  I began to gently pound the shelf support from behind...and amazingly, it broke the glue seal and began to give way.  Kristoffer quickly rushed in to grab the hammer and finish the job, being careful not to splinter the wood (thankfully, it was oak!). The only cosmetic damage are 4 screw holes that we can putty and stain over, and they are not in prominent spots where most people would even notice.



Actually, the TV, DirecTV box, and soundbar were a breeze for Kristoffer to hook up (that's the part I'd dreaded the most...all those wires confuse me!) and we were in business within 30 minutes after the shelf removal.

The picture, color, and sound quality are AMAZING...but we were all mentally and physically exhausted by the end of that Sunday.

Merry Christmas to us!  Wonder if we'll get 15 years out of this one...

Hurray for technology upgrades, even though they are never easy.





Terri Chapman

Very nice - we had the same situation a few years back !

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