Emerald Isle in December

Shrimp and Hushpuppies with Our Britt Peeps


While we were at the beach, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to meet up with some of Mama's side of the family, our Britt peeps.


Mama actually grew up and went to school not too far from there, and a couple of her sisters (she's one of 10 siblings) and their families live nearby.



I was STARVING for some fried shrimp and hushpuppies...you just can't get them like this in Indiana...so we met up for dinner at T&W, an older restaurant but man-0h-man do they ever know how to fry up some freshly caught shrimp and hushpuppies to die for.  I seriously think hushpuppies and butter must be on Heaven's menu....



Mama's sister Rachel just celebrated her 82nd birthday.  I don't know why she never smiles for photos...she's got the most beautiful smile, she should use it!



Aunt Rachel with her two sons, my cousins Steve and Vince...



Steve with his wife June and mother-in-law Ella Mae, who just turned 84 the day before we met up.



Another of Mama's sisters, Aunt Shirley, lives nearby and she and her husband Otis came too.  YEARS ago, when I was just a baby, Otis and Shirley lived in Indiana for a few years before they decided to move back to their North Carolina home.



Unbeknownst to us, we happened to be there on the night of the meeting of the Sons of the Confederacy band. They played some old-timey music while we ate. Yep, we were in the South!



My cousin Vince is just so much fun to be around...always lots of stories and his history knowledge amazes me. He knew every song the band played and even sang a few bars at the table.  Love him!



Great start to a great mini-vacay...

...shrimp and hushpuppies with our Britt peeps.




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