Merry Christmas 2015!
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Post-Christmas Crash


My Christmas tree is still up...and will be for another week or so.  I love the cozy, earthy feel it gives the cabin...and me.


But like most everyone else, I'm recovering from the post-Christmas crash. All the gifts are opened, great memories were made, too much food was consumed, and wonderful times with family were enjoyed.

Yesterday afternoon, Kim and I just crashed for the day.  We were both happily exhausted from the events of Christmas week!



On Christmas Eve Eve, (that is, December 23) we suffered a massive storm that didn't last too long, but did a lot of damage around the area.

For us, it took out an old pine tree by the beehive and barn...thankfully missing the beehive completely...



...but definitely boogered up the barn gutters.

We were fortunate.  Many around suffered electical outages for over 24 hours! Thankfully our power never went off.



The kids' trampoline suffered a fatal blow from the tree.  Even though the girls kept insisting that Daddy could fix it, no...definitely a total loss.

But thankfully none of us were hurt and our homes were not damaged.

And it gave Kim and Kristoffer some outdoor projects to do on Christmas Eve, dismantling the trampoline and cutting the limbs off the uprooted tree.



That evening, Christmas Eve, we attended my favorite church service of the whole year.

These cute kids handed out candles to everyone.



It was AWESOME to see our church crammed-packed full with 187 people in attendance, including half of our family....Kristoffer and Dana and children on the front pew, with Emily (Zach was also there working sound/video in the back) behind them.  Such blessings to have them worshiping with us!!!



Pastor CJ led the service...



...with the help of our Family Minister, Pastor Bryan.




Awesome music led by our Praise Team!



And then my very favorite part, when we make a humongous circle around the sanctuary and everyone sings "Silent Night" in the candlelight.




It always brings tears to my eyes, seeing so many people I love all gathered together in unity to celebrate our Savior's birth.  Kim and I can remember years when our circle was small, maybe 30 or 40 people.  To see 187 together in our little country church was simply amazing!



Kim, Kristoffer, Emily, and several others from our church put out luminaries in our town.  Under the light of the full moon that evening, such a beautiful sight as we circled back through town on our way home!



I love our little town of Sulphur Springs...



...and its HUGE Christmas tree!



But not nearly as much as I love our little cabin...



...all decked out for Christmas.



Yep, I think I'll leave my tree up for another week or so.  It'll take me that long to edit all my Christmas photos and recover from my... crash.




Terri Chapman

I just love all of your decorations...just so country "cozy"

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