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Last Chemo!!!


After tomorrow, I won't have to see this place until January.

Nothing against any of the medical staff there...I've received excellent care, but I'm really over it all and ready to be done.



Yesterday I received my FINAL chemo treatment!  Hot-diggity-dog!!!

It was delayed a couple of days because of a little scare (on my part)...I was all psyched for treatment on Monday but then I mentioned to my Nurse Practitioner Courtney that I had a huge lump in my abdomen that had popped up in the past several days.  While we all suspected it had something to do with the twice-daily blood thinner shots I've been giving myself there, it was so large and tender that Courtney and Dr. Bhatia felt it prudent to have a CT scan to be sure that's all it was.

Dr. Bhatia's mantra is, "The paranoid survive."  Not sure if I buy that, but perhaps when you're talking cancer it's true.

So they sent me home Monday without the chemo (I was so disappointed!) and came back Tuesday for a CT scan.  Of course, even though I had been reassured that it was almost probably nothing, my mind went to the worst possible scenario that another big old tumor was growing.  I could hardly think about anything else, and prayed constantly that it would been nothing to worry about.  I hardly slept that night, thinking about all the possibilities and worrying about things that may never happen.

Then yesterday, Wednesday, the scan confirmed that the lump was indeed a subcutaneous hematoma (basically blood leaking into your tissues from an corrects itself over time, as the body reabsorbs the blood).  PRAISE GOD!!!  Courtney said I was a really good bruiser and I get the prize for the largest hematoma she's ever seen (it was about 5" long and 2" wide).



I'll pass on that trophy, thankyouverymuch!

So...after 2 days of wondering and worrying...yesterday I did receive my eighth and final chemotherapy treatment.  Not that it's fun, but now I know that 16 weeks of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation are finally OVER and I can see the light at the end of this dreadful tunnel I've been walking through these past 6 months. PRAISE GOD!!!

I'm ready to get this chapter of my life BEHIND ME...pun definitely intended! Believe me, I've heard all the butt jokes anyone can think of these past 6 months. All in Christian fellowship and love, I'm sure...



Bless his heart, Kim has been walking through this tunnel too and has been faithfully by my side and praying me through all of it.  He's the one who holds me and dries my occasional tears and hears my daily reports about my bowel habits. He's an incredible man and I love him even more after all of this.

No, we aren't in a submarine despite the weird porthole mural on the wall...



Speaking of murals, I'd like to know the story behind the strange ones some of the treatment rooms have.

Am I the only one who thinks this one seems a little creepy???....



I am certainly PRAISING my God today for being with me through it all...


IMG_1251 I am finishing up my chemo at home with dear old Fanny.

Tomorrow I head back to Indy for my 4th trip this week to get unhooked from Fanny for the last time. Believe me, I won't have a hard time saying "good-bye" to Fanny....

My surgery is scheduled for January 18, with a couple of procedures preceding it in the first week of January.  So my journey is not over, but this treatment phase is.

So excited to finish up... last chemo!







Terri Chapman

Praise the Lord ...and God is good...all the time :)

So glad your scare is over. I can tell you I know "exactly" how you were feeling with the worry and fear. Yuu think the worst when we know it is in God's hands all along...but we are human.

So happy for you to be done with this chapter and closing the book.

Love you dear friend, Terri Chapman

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