Three Baby Sisters
Last Chemo!!!

Breakfast Buddies


Our little cabin is quiet now, but last week it was bustling with the most adorable little toddlers.

What a great way to start the day, sitting across the table from my sweet Krew!





That boy does LOVE his plain Greek yogurt and fruit!  Of course, Gramaw has to teach him about the finer things in life...a few Honey-Nut Cheerios on the side!



Most children might choose a spoon to eat their yogurt, but Krew is not most children!  He always picks the fork over the spoon, and he's amazingly good at scooping up yogurt with it! For not yet being 2 years old, his eye/hand coordination astonishes me...better than most adults!



Then after Krew and his family left, Abram and his family came to stay for a couple of nights.

Abram (20 months old) is just 6 weeks younger than Krew.



As you can see, Abram is eating an even healthier yummier breakfast...monkey bread!  Don't blame me...his daddy gave it to him over the eggs and bacon I had fixed.






Both of these babes, Krew and Abram, are learning to pray at their very young age.  Krew so sweetly holds hands with the person beside him, and Abram folds his hands like this to pray.  How precious!

If there's anything more wonderful way to start Gramaw's day, I can't imagine what it would be!

I love sitting at the table with my...

...breakfast buddies.




Terri Chapman

**Blessed !!

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