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Saturday Shenanigans


We got our first snowfall Saturday...about 3" of the wet, white stuff.  It was beautiful to look at, but not so much fun to walk in during the annual New Castle Christmas Parade.



Every year our church helps carry banners in the parade to make money for special projects.  Kim and I usually walk in it together (this photo is from last year's parade), but this year with my health problems I didn't think I'd be up to it, so I shuttled some of our peeps who were walking to the parade line-up area,...



...and then watched the parade with the twins from a parking lot inside our warm dry vehicle.



We had about an hour to wait before the parade passed our way,...


Parade-4 the girls kept us all entertained.

I learned that Kelsey wants a teddy bear and a book for Christmas, and Kassie wants an elephant like Kelsey's which she is going to name "Bella."  Maybe Santa can pull off those requests? Of course, in the course of the next month I'm sure that list will change 100 times!




These two 3-year-old sweethearts, Kassie and Kelsey, make Gramaw's heart sing!



Finally we heard the sirens that signal the beginning of the parade! Our vantage point wasn't great, but we were warm and dry and the girls seemed perfectly content.



There's Papaw, carrying his banner!




A couple of bands braved the weather and played Christmas music to put everyone in a festive mood.



Teeny, tiny little cars...



...and big semis, all decorated up for Christmas!



Finally, we spotted Daddy and Mommy and big brothers...



...and Karter spotted us and gave us his big winning grin!

When they finished the parade, we all piled in the VeraCruz and headed out for supper together.  

Not our normal Christmas Parade itinerary, but it worked this year...

...our Saturday shenanigans.




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