Juni's Big Discovery

Mid-November Monday Morning


Good morning from beautiful central Indiana!


We woke up this morning with 4 extra loved ones under our cabin roof.

Kamaron and Anique and their two very young children are staying with us this week.  Anique has been very, very sick with an acute kidney infection the past couple of weeks.  Instead of me going over there nearly every day, and since this is my chemo week and I'll be hooked up to Fanny for 3 days, we thought it best for them to come stay with us where Kim (who works mostly from home) can help out. Kamaron has taken a lot of days off to stay with his wife and children, and he needs to get back to work, so this seemed like the best solution.

Praise God, Anique is slowly improving, but still very weak.  Two little ones under the age of two are rough for a healthy mommy...being so sick, it's just too much for her to do on her own right now. But she's getting better and stronger every day, and hopefully after this week of meds and bed rest she'll be on the road to full recovery.


Juni-3 Krew-2

And while I certainly hate that it's under these circumstances, this Gramaw's not going to complain about spending the week with these two cuties...Juni (3 months) and Krew (21 months).

They are such sweet, good children...just very young and needy.  They'll certainly raise my spirits as I'm getting my next-to-last chemo treatment this week.

So, I'm off to Chemo #7!  Did I mention I just have ONE MORE chemo after this one?!!!  Yippee!!! The end is in sight!

Not sure how regular my posting will be this week...I'll do my best, but no promises....little ones have a way of interrupting the best laid plans.

Signing off and heading to Indy for chemo...

...this mid-November Monday morning.




Terri Chapman

God Bless all of you ..keeping you all in my prayers!!

Love ya, Terri

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