Mid-November Monday Morning
Filling Our Days

Juni's Big Discovery


Do you ever stop to think about how much a baby learns in her first few months?


They are born completely clueless to how the world operates, but God created babies with an amazing way of learning, a little at a time.



At just a few days past her 3-month birthday mark, Juni has discovered she can make her hands move.



And not just her hands, her fingers.  Of course, it's all pretty random now but she'll soon figure it all out as she perfects her newly-discovered skills by practicing and practicing every day.



It's a huge building block for everything that comes afterward.  Just think about it...practically everything a person does involves the motor skills of their hands.

I think as a young mom, although I noticed such thinks, the marvel of it all was lost in the sleep deprivation, piles of laundry, constant feedings and diaper changes, and just trying to survive each day.  But one of the delights of grandparenthood is seeing all these things through a much more relaxed, appreciative lens.



It's really a very big deal in her life...

...Juni's big discovery.




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