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Remembering Sunshine

Today marks a very sad event in our family...29 years ago our family lost my 11-year-old cousin Sunshine.  In her memory, I am reposting this post from a couple of years ago.  No matter how many years pass, the pain is fresh for her family every single year....


Baby Sunshine (pictured with her family her first Christmas) was born in 1975, just a few weeks following my high school graduation, the younger daughter of my cousin Kennetha.  I'm not sure what day was her birthday, but I remember hearing about her birth at a local summer fair and even though I'd heard others wonder aloud why Kennetha would choose such an unusual name, secretly I loved it.

Sunshine Brandi.

As it turned out, Sunshine's light would only grace this earth for just a few short years.  When she was a little girl of barely eleven years old, Sunshine went to Heaven, the victim of a brutal murder.


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For my faithful Not-Quite-Country Girl readers, my apologies for not posting yesterday.

It's been a crazy daughter-in-law has been super-sick and I've spent most days this week helping with her two babies, Krew (21 months old) and Juni ( 3 months today).

It's been a few years since I've multi-tasked like this, and this ole gal is exhausted! But I'm so grateful that I am able to help and very thankful that she seems to be on the mend, slowly but surely.

Planning to get back in the groove next week.

Don't like to be...


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