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Few little things in life thrill me more than getting my brand, spankin'-new calendar for the new year.

Yesterday, my 2016 calendar arrived in the exciting day at the Gray Compound.  (I realize we are easily entertained around here...)


I've kept a calendar of this sort, with lots of room to write things down, since soon after our marriage.  My late mother-in-law bought me a nice journal-style calendar every fall, and I've kept one ever since.  Somewhere scattered through my things (no, of course they aren't all in the same silly of you to think that!) are calendars spanning all 35 years of our marriage.

Kinda like abbreviated diaries of each year...

With the HUGE exceptions of our precious little Juni's birth, our amazing vacation to Alaska, and a couple of other short but much-needed getaways, 2015 has been a very difficult year.  Praise God for sprinkling in little and big blessings through these past 10 months to keep me sane (questionable?) and positive! God is very good that way, sending blessings just when we need them most!

Just a few of the major highlights and lowlights of 2015:


January:    Dad's continued rapid decline in his mental state                              

Feb. 17:     Dad admitted to Psych Ward for evaluation               

Mar. 17:    Dad moved to nursing home           

May 13:  Dad had to 2 falls, ultimately leading to his death           

May 21:  I was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer       

June 12:  Dad went to Heaven & I began chemo               

July 8:  ALASKA!!!             

Aug. 13: JUNI born!!!           

Sept. 7    Winnie passed away


And those are just a few of the momentous happenings this year.

I'm hoping for 2016 to be a lot more BORING....



And by the time May 21, 2016 (the 1-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis) rolls around, this whole cancer journey nightmare will be behind me and I'll be nearly back to my old self.

A new calendar for a new year brings hope and a fresh start... me a blank slate.




Jenni Becker

Wishing you many blessing in 2016 Terry!!!

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