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The Golden Harvest is In

Saturday Snapshots and Snippets


My man turned 60 last weekend.

6 0 !!!  That's a BIG number!


Kim wouldn't let me throw a big party, but we had our children and grandchildren over for a chicken and noodles meal...



...and jellycake.  A Gray family favorite tradition.

Yes, those are 20 super-thin cake layers iced with black raspberry jam between them.

Yes, it is so sweet it practically rots your teeth just looking at it...


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Y Friends

My friend Brenda cooked up a fun surprise for me and our Y friends.

Jim and Linda (back row, Linda is between Jim and me) were long-time regulars at our step aerobics class at the Y.  A few years ago they moved to Florida, and we try to keep in touch as best we can through email.  Brenda sees them while she's wintering in Florida every year, but the rest of us don't get a chance to see them very often.

Jim and Linda were visiting in Indiana and Brenda arranged for them to surprise us all at the Y! What a fun time, lots of conversation and even more laughter!!! Jim will be 82 next month and still going as strong as ever (I won't mention that he got a speeding ticket on his way to meet us...just 25 mph over the speed limit...crazy old man!) ....


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Writing Winnie's book has led to blessings I never anticipated.

Like this fun rendezvous I experienced last week.

I got an email out of the blue from this young gal, Beth, wanting to buy a book.  Lo and behold, Beth was one of my second-grade students my very first year of teaching at Hagerstown Elementary, 37 years ago!

She still has those gorgeous light blue eyes and beautiful smile that I remember from her 7-year-old self.  Beautiful gal and very sweet!  So thrilled we got to meet up again after all those years....


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AbamThoughtThisWasPapawGrandchildren do bring us such joy and entertainment!

We got a text from our daughter-in-law Kara with this photo attached.  Apparently our little 18-month-old grandson Abram found this crossword puzzle book and tore off the front cover, carrying it around the house all afternoon saying, "Papaw."

It DOES kinda look like Papaw!!! (See birthday photo above...) Especially through the eyes of an 18-month-old that doesn't see his Papaw all that often.

Love that sweet, sweet little boy....


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My daughter-in-law Dana is Cookie Artist Extraordinaire!

Just look at these fabulous (and tasty!) cookies she made for a party at Kim's office. Amazing!!! And how she does it with 4 little children is beyond me....


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The harvest is in, and I've got my sunrises back!

So glad to get that corn of the best things about the cabin is seeing the sunrise, and those big old corn stalks were cramping my style.



Oh yeah...much, much better!

Happy Saturday, y'all!




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