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Paint Party


Mama and I, being the party animals that we are, went to a paint party.

If you've never been to a paint party, sometimes called Brushes and Beverages or Wine and Canvas, it's where a group of people (usually ladies!) gets together to learn how to paint a picture while enjoying food and fellowship together.



This was the sample picture we were all painting, on a 16x24" canvas.



The instructor gave step-by-step instructions...



...and we all tried to follow suit, as best we could!

Mama did a good job, but she decided painting was not her best artistic outlet.



I already knew it wasn't mine...but I had fun anyway!



The best part was the conversation and friendships!  I don't think Mama and Peggy are chatting about painting...I think they'd both rather be quilting.



Each masterpiece was unique, but I don't think they turned out half-bad... especially from a distance!

(Mama and me are in the center back, halfway hidden behind a couple of other heads...)

An enjoyable time was had by all, with friends and family at...

...the paint party.




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