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Do these two bright-eyed, handsome boys look like money moochers?

Oh, but they are...and Gramaw and Papaw don't mind a bit!


Every so often, when Karter (7 years) and Kaden (5 1/2) come over, they clean out the spots where our random change collects...the top of the dresser where Papaw unloads his pockets, the coconut bowl on my desk, and the ashtrays in both vehicles.  

Everyone wins...they get practice counting money and some extra for their piggy banks and we get our loose coins put to good use.



They got off the school bus at our house last week with that very agenda on their minds. After they had gathered up all the loose change, Papaw got out his ancient treasure chest (from his high school years) and showed them some of his antique and unusual coins he has collected over the years.



Including what Kim calls a 3-nickel-cent piece dated 1865 that he got from his grandparents years and years ago.  (I'm not a coin expert, so I'll take his word on this one.)



The boys are fascinated with such things right now, but despite their begging Kim wasn't ready to give up his coin collection to his grandkids quite yet.



We love our smart and charming little... moochers.




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