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I Rang the Bell!


After nearly 6 weeks of daily trips to Indy for radiation treatments, I FINISHED yesterday and got to ring the infamous cancer bell!

Happy, happy day!!!



The medical staff fixed me up with a real graduation certificate, a gorgeous fall lap quilt made by a local church group, and gave me lots of hugs and cheers and good wishes.



My talented daughter-in-law Dana created some special cookies for the occasion, which the staff understandably raved about! Aren't they adorable?!



I hope to NEVER see this big bad boy machine again!

So, with radiation now complete, I've finished 2 of the 3 phases of treatment.  I've got 2 GLORIOUS weeks off...no doctor appointments, no trips to Indy, nothing cancer-related...and then I'll be back at it with 4 more cycles of chemo beginning October 19.

But I'm not thinking much about that now.  I'm celebrating and reveling in the fact that I survived radiation without the side effects being too harsh, although my very tender bum may beg to differ on that point. Things should be improving down there soon and I'll start feeling better and not dreading trips to the bathroom.

Praising God for his goodness and mercy!!!



I rang the bell!





So happy for you, Terry.
May the next third be successful!

Tanya Bennett

Good for you!! You've got this. Enjoy these few weeks of no treatments, gear up to finish the fight WELL and you will kick cancer in the rear. Boom!!

Terri Chapman

AMEN!!! So happy for you....God is good :)
And such a very nice thing for the local church ladies to do...Beautiful quilt and it will look great in your cabin during your "favorite season"!!

Love ya,Terri

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