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Best Fanny Friends


Brenda was one of my very first friends when we moved out here 33 years ago.

In fact, Kim and I often joked that our two families were the only young ones on the entire road.


Brenda's former husband farmed our ground way back when, and our daughters played sports together...many moons ago.

Over the past decade or so, the ups and downs of life separated us for awhile. Brenda and I would see each other occasionally and always enjoyed catching up, and even though we were still friends our lives' paths just didn't seem to cross very often.

Until recently.

And now we both need our bond of friendship more than ever.



Both of us are fighting colorectal cancer.

I was diagnosed in May and Brenda found out in August.  

No one can quite understand the range of emotions that a cancer diagnosis brings except another cancer patient.  And while I had about a 3-month head start on her, we both share the same thoughts and fears and the feeling of our worlds being turned upside down and shaken up.

But, as you can see, we are both still standing...and we are fighting this battle together, with God and our families and friends alongside us every step of the way.  Brenda and I are strong women, and God will bring us both through this.



We thought it would be fun to take a photo of us both sporting our fanny packs of chemo at the same time.  We're taking many of the same chemo drugs and just so happen to have both had chemo this week.  Although our doctors and treatment centers are different, we both have to wear these fashionable "Fannies" for a couple of days while the drugs infuse into our systems.

Yes, it's a lot of YUCKINESS...but having a friend who understands what you're going through sure helps!

Stay strong, Brenda...we will overcome this cancer together.  And for this season of our lives, we'll be BFFs...Best Fanny Friends!




Donna Cronk

Amazing this happened to both of you at the same time. So glad you are there for each other with that special understanding you have. God bless and heal you both!

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