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Two Threesies

A Very Special Gift


Dick and his wife Burma (not pictured...that's Mama in the photo) are dear church friends that Kim and I have known and loved for many years. Even though he'd never met her until Dad's funeral, Dick wanted to give Mama a very special hand-crafted gift.

A flag case for Dad's casket flag.



Dick is a master woodworker who uses his amazing gift for the Lord!  He has blessed many widows of military men with these flag cases, and we were so honored that he wanted to make one for us.

The flag fit perfectly, and we even had Dick line up some of the shells from Dad's 21-shot salute along the bottom.



So proud of my Daddy's service to the country he loved so much!



Dick was even sweet enough to put the flag and shells in for us...even brought his own tools (because who knows where we might find one of Dad's 100 screwdrivers around their place?....).



Thanks to a very special man...

...for a very special gift.





A priceless gift.

Terri Chapman

How wonderful!!


Thanks for sharing!

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