Paint Party
Two Months Old

A Couple of Cute Cousins


My 18-month-old grandson Abram is the busiest little boy I've been around in a very long time. Like since his daddy Kyler was this age...

Trying to do a photo shoot with this active fella is, well...TRYING!  I got lots of pics like this one, of the back or top of his sweet curly head. But we did make an attempt to capture some photos of Abram and his 6-month-old cousin Theo (cousins on the Morton side of the family) one recent beautiful October afternoon.



Let me just say that Theo was perfectly cooperative!  Theo is a tiny miracle himself...a "micro-preemie" born at just 25 weeks gestation, Theo weighed a mere 1 lb. 12 oz. and was just 13.5" long when he was born. After spending 3 1/2 months in the NICU unit at the hospital, he came home and is now doing great!



Theo may be small, but he is very smart...he wisely kept a very close eye on Abram!  




I've gotta be very quick on the shutter to have any chance of getting a halfway decent shot. Abram only stays still for a micro-second!



Doesn't Theo look like a little doll?!  



My goal was to sit Abram down beside Theo, but Abram wanted nothing to do with my plan...





We probably called out Abram's name 100 times, but he never would look up at the camera. Ornery little guy...



When we all were just about to give it up, we hit on Abram's sweet spot...his absolute OBSESSION with "minkins" (miniature pumpkins).  He loved piling them up on himself...



...allowing us to get a few halfway decent shots of the boys together.



We were all tuckered out after that photo session!  Someone shake a knot in my tail if I EVER mention becoming a professional children's photographer....



But we did manage to get a few sweet shots of...

...a couple of cute cousins.




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